Where Timeless Art Meets Modern Science

Pennland Pure Cheeses are cultured, blended and aged in a state-of-the-art facility in Hancock, Maryland. Employing the very latest in cheese making and packaging equipment and drawing on a tradition of centuries of cheese making, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of quality at every stage in the process.

Sustainability and product quality are the two goals that drive everything here. Our milk is the base ingredient. We make sure it is consistently of the highest quality so that our finished products carry the same traits.
Tim Stocker, Plant Manager

“It’s the many small things we do that ultimately make such a big difference in our product quality. Focusing on the details saves us critical time in our production process, and ensures we are a step ahead in our pursuit of quality. For each product, we focus on our customers’ needs, to make sure they exceed our customers’ expectations.
Doug Benningfield, Director of QA
“We look for every opportunity to build on our commitment to sustainability. Through our design, people, equipment, and processes we have greatly reduced our consumption of natural resources.
Mike Forsyth, Plant Engineer 
“The vision and commitment of the Lanco-Pennland leadership team to quality in everything we do is really inspiring, and I pass that along to people that I work with. Teamwork is the key factor that led us to create over 15 different varieties of cheese. It is pretty amazing when you think about what our team has accomplished to make that a reality.
Shane Snowberger, Production Supervisor
“This state of the art production facility is something our members and customers would be proud of. We feel we are well positioned to not only service the needs of our members, but also expand our offerings to a wide range of customers across the country.”
Kurt Williams, General Manager