The Lay of the Land

The 650 farmers who participate in our cooperative are linked by more than just a vocation and a location. They also share a commitment to a way of dairy farming that focuses on producing products of unquestioned purity. As members of the FARM program, all of our dairy co-op partners closely follow a set of guidelines for providing the highest standards of animal care, land management and product handling to ensure the excellence of their milk and the future of their farms.




To produce quality milk we need the healthiest of cows and we do whatever it takes to ensure our cows are as healthy as possible.”  If you sweat the details, you have a healthier animal, your process is more efficient, and you deliver a higher quality product. 

“There is a great culture of accountability across this organization, which includes the farmers in the co-op, the truckers delivering the milk, and the cheese production team. It helps all of us be more consistent and take pride in our role. As a dairy farmer, it is really rewarding knowing that our quality ingredient ultimately becomes such a high-quality cheese.”
Paul Mason, Dairy Farmer

“Dairy cows are like world class athletes, producing a tremendous amount of product on a regular basis, plus living their daily lives at the same time. Our goal is to keep them healthy and have them perform at the top of their game. We work closely with Lanco-Pennland farmers on how to manage the health of the animals through their nutritional needs, preventative care and overall treatment. I work with a number of co-ops and Lanco-Pennland has always been ahead of the game in the pursuit of animal wellness.”
Dr. Richard Doak, Veterinarian, Animal Welfare Consultant