This Land is Pure Land

From the fertile fields of Lancaster County to the rolling hills of northern Maryland, the Susquehanna Valley is one of America’s most bountiful farm regions, home to thousands of acres of grazing lands and thousands of small, family dairy farms. But more than a physical place, it’s a point of view. A way of living that reflects and celebrates the heritage, industriousness and integrity of the families who live, love and work the land they inherited from their ancestors.

Pennland Pure is a collaborative of farm owners in this region who have been raised to treat their land and livestock with respect and take passionate pride in purveying products of the highest quality. Our cheeses are made simply and sustainably from the highest-grade dairy products they can produce and very little else.  So if you believe as we do, that good people farming good land is a combination that produces good food, we believe you’re going to be very satisfied with our cheese.

This Land Is Pennland.