Investing in the Power of Partnership

All farmers are invested in their own success. But Lanco-Pennland co-op members have taken that investment a step farther—pooling resources and staking their faith on the quality and purity of the products that will carry the Pennland Pure name.

“The goal of our board is to create the best possible financial return for our dairy farmer members.  Over the years we have taken various approaches to meeting that goal, with a core underlying belief that by providing service to our members, we can bring added value across the operation. For example, by having our own trucking company, we provide a key service to our partners.

The Pennland cheese plant is a perfect example. Initially we envisioned making mozzarella at the plant which would have added value compared to sending it to a drying facility. Then we determined that if we added cheddar towers, we could derive even more value from our milk supply. It was a bigger investment, but by being upfront and honest with our farmers, we easily built consensus on the benefits of creating our own destiny.”
Joe Hess, President, Lanco-Pennland Co-Op Board